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About us


Humans represent one of nature's most complex systems.

We absorb what we eat, drink, breath, and consume.

What our bodies cannot absorb, we release into the environment as waste material.


Through repeated cycles of consumption, exposure, reproduction, and immersion, humans produce

hundreds of trillions of data points over an entire lifetime.


We refer to this seemingly endless flow of data as 

the Human Processes Data Chain (HPDC).

The Challenge

The HPDC is simply big data.

The vast majority of big data points

from your own big data chain have never been compiled, much less studied and analyzed.


Our mission is to optimize big data

for healthcare and education.

Our Vision

Using health big data combined with imagination, our vision is to provide person-centered,

home-based innovations.


Joseph S. Bayana
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Innovation Officer
Bayana Corporation
Doctoral candidate
Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security 
National American University

Bayana Corp. Team currently on
Stealth Mode
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