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HUB Digital Health Platform

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We use huge images on our website because we want you to focus on big...

Big data. Not just any ordinary big data.

Focus on individual health big data.

Individual health big data refers to all the information about your health, from birth and throughout your life.

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We hope you'd see the world from our perspective. 

My buddies and I were born in the 21st century. THE 21st century...

There's been a lot of talk about big data in the 21st century. But if you do research and look deep, there's really no such thing as individual health big data.

At least not yet...

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That thingy that some people refer to as machine learning in healthcare, that's actually just a cool sounding term for word search of the literature.

Fact- and evidence-based practices from individual health big data continue to be ignored.

The problem about health big data in 2021 is the absence of real, actual, fact- and evidence-based big data.

Let's talk sources...

The bulk of so-called health big data today comes from patient surveys and questionnaires.

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So, unreliable big data sources undermine the U.S. healthcare system.

Then, we have health costs that are expensive, yet people don’t receive health big data.


Also, research & development on
person-centered health big data is practically non-existent.

Simply put, there are no incentives or accountability for most patients and healthcare practitioners to focus on individual health big data.

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The solution to the problem of health big data is simple.


We need a digital health system, where users can get individual health big data from inside their own homes.




From the time humans are born...

A woman reading on her tablet device

...until we reach the prime of our lives, we spend 90% of our lives indoors.

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The average lifespan in the United States is about 78 years old...


So, people spend an estimated total of about 70 years living their lives indoors.

Newborn Baby Sleeping

Living indoors include the time we sleep, anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours...

Feeding the Baby

Get fed...

Cute Baby Boy
Curious Girl
Asian Boy



School Children
Male Student
Teens & Library

Become teenagers and hangout with friends...

Go to college...

Happy Family
Family with Tablet
Family Video Call
Family Time
Family Cheering

Spend time with family...


Mother and Daughters Cooking
Bathroom Tiles


Model in Shower


Watching TVs

Watch TV

Playing Music for Baby

And eventually grow old, for the next generation to do everything all over again.

Family Dinner
Family Breakfast
Senior Portrait
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There's my individual health big data, your individual health big data, and there's more individual health data from your loved ones.


Over a period of 70 years, we are all immersed in various indoor environments.


Yet, humanity continues to ignore all these sources of individual health big data.

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This is the reason why we founded Bayana Corporation.

We focus on

individual health big data

and person-centered

healthcare technologies.


Now, let's talk about how Bayana Corp. can give you and your loved ones the most comprehensive health data ever.

Let me tell you about the HUB.

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